Platinum Auto Insurance has online claims processing to reduce the delays normally involved in receiving and returning claim documents. There are two types of online claim forms for Notification of Claim.  One for a glass claim only, the other for a full claim.

Once we receive your completed claim form then we will process it as quickly as possible to progress the repair or replacement of your vehicle. If necessary, we will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered.

Please understand that prestige cars generally take longer to repair however we believe that it is worth the time and effort to safeguard the performance, appearance and value of your car. We will work to optimise the repair time and reduce your inconvenience of being without your own vehicle. Your Platinum policy also provides a courtesy or rental car for your convenience if your car is being repaired or has been stolen.

If you need to discuss a specific matter relating to claims then call us on 0800 226 837. Please identify yourself as a `Platinum’ client to receive priority processing and we’ll get the wheels in motion as rapidly as possible.

Some circumstances warrant a full signed Motor Claim Form, if this is requested then  click here to download a Motor Claim Form  to complete, sign and return.