• Classic Cover – is for Classic or Vintage cars older than 25 years, both European and non-European.
  • Agreed Value – but if more than 20% of the market value, the market value will prevail.
  • The Amount Agreed for Your Vehicle – as shown in the schedule, will be the amount paid if the underwriters choose not to repair the vehicle.
  • A Total Loss Occurs – when the assessed cost of repairs and the post-loss value of the damaged vehicle exceed the amount payable.
  • Up to $5,000 for Spare Parts – accessories and associated equipment which belong to but are not attached to the vehicle, but only when they are securely stored at your residence or kept in another secure storage area.
  • Less than 5,000 km – mileage driven per year.
  • Locked Garage – cars must always be kept in a locked garage or fully locked secure storage building. At all other locations when the vehicle is not in use it must be fully secured with the security protection provided in the vehicle.
  • Manufacture of New Parts – if it is necessary to manufacture new parts or accessories, the most payable in respect of such parts or accessories will be limited to the latest list price of identical parts or accessories in New Zealand for the year of manufacture of the vehicle, or the cost of making a new part, whichever costs less.
  • Roadside Assist – 24 x 7 optional extra if not available through your dealer.

CONDITIONS MAY APPLY  – (See policy for full wording)